wwII based bmw r71 and r75 replica-cj750 sidecar for sale

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cj750 sidecar motorcycle is the best replica of bmw r71 and r75 that you can find that, which kept very well WWII BMW motorcycle elements, changjiangsidecar shop mainly provide WWII military style /Vintage BMW R71 style/Luxury style.
We can help you smoothly import to your country. More information please logon our website:

can you ship a demo FOC to Skuuter?  :laughing4:

Hello Skuuter
sorry don't know where exactly the place, but if you are in New Zealand there is no problem.
left-hand sidecar,is that a port?

Oooops !  My apologies..... I didn't know you had two threads going at once ! ! !    Comments deleted for the benefit of the Mods !


Do you have the mounting kit to fit the sidecar to a 2008 Honda CBR1000RR?  My dog "Lester" likes to ride with me, but keeps falling off when I do wheelies. The cat says if I can't find some way for Lester to hang on, he wants to call dibs on riding instead of Lester.  I think a cat stuck to my back will look ridiculous and damage my riding jacket, so I would like to avoid it if possible.

Looking forward to a positive response. All the squids at bike night will be green with envy when I roll up with a side car attached.

Thanks in advance.

P.S.  Are spinner hubcaps and a neon light kits available from the factory, or do I need to install those after I take delivery?


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